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We all dream every night. Some people might tell you they don't, but all they really mean is they don't remember their dreams. During most dreams, the person is not aware that they are dreaming, and accepts whatever situations, no matter how unbelievable and far fetched, as reality. However it is possible to become consciously aware while still dreaming, this is a lucid dream, and the people who do it are lucid dreamers.

To be a lucid dreamer means not only to become aware when you are dreaming, but to discover that you can actually take control of your dreams. Realizing this possibility, you can direct your subconscious mind to create limitless possibilities. Any experience, fantasy or adventure you can imagine is waiting for you each night.

Beyond these endless other worlds waiting for you to discover, there are many other opportunities for the lucid dreamer. The direct communication between your conscious and subconscious mind means lucid dreams can be the perfect place for learning, problem solving and self-discovery.

Whether you are just setting out on your jounrey to becomign a lucid dreamer or a season traveller, click on 'read more' below to find everything from introductory guides to lucid dreaming through to advanced dream control techniques.

Top Articles & Techniques

Principles of Lucid Dreaming
Whatever techniques you use, these five principles should be at the core of any attempt to induce lucid dreams.

Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreams
Originally created by Dr Stephen LaBerge, MILDs are the most widely used technique for initiating a lucid dream, and perfect for beginners.

Dream Control
Achieving lucidity is only half the story, learning how to take control of your dreams is an important skill for every lucid dreamer.

Lucid Dreaming Research

See the Latest Lucid Dreaming Research
Studies to understand more about lucid dreaming are going on all the time. Keep up with the latest developments here.

Awaken Your Mind

Looking for Inspiration?
Read the journey of a lucid dreamer to discoer some of the amazing things you can do in a lucid dream.

Intro to Lucid Dreaming

New to Lucid Dreaming?
Not sure where to start. This introduction to lucid dreaming is there to answer all your questions.

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